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Your CV is one of the most important documents you’re ever going to create, however over 80% of students, graduates and jobseekers in the UK are creating a CV which is not fully appreciated by employers, as it is not driven by achievements, experience and transferable skills, or customised to the employment opportunity.

Please view the 5 minute Executive Overview video, as it demonstrates how our revolutionary CV Builder tool has helped Work and Health programme advisors, National Careers Service Advisors, professional CV writers, as well as over 1 million people, create a professional quality base-line CV in 5-15 minutes, which they easily customised to reflect the jobseekers achievements, transferable skills, experience, as well as to every employment application.

View examples of the different types of CVs our tool creates.

Why is it the best CV Builder tool in the world

11 highly experienced HR Recruitment managers joined forces to create this game-changing £2 million CV Builder tool, consulting with employers worldwide to perfect the structure, format and content of an effective, successful CV, containing over

  • 1,500 fully customisable Job Profiles
  • 300 fully customisable Key Skills and Attributes

Happy Employee Hired

Independent case studies clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our CV tool, placing upto 98% into employment, in the last recession

Commercial version of our CV Builder tool

Work and Health programme and National Careers Service providers, as well as recruitment agencies, educational establishments and providers / government agencies helping youths and jobseekers into employment, can use the Commercial version of our pioneering CV Builder tool with substantial backend functionality – including localised security, report generation and technical support.

Desperate times, calls for innovative and agile companies or government agencies helping jobseekers into employment, to work in partnership with us, to ensure their advisors create the right, professional quality, base-line CV in 5-15 minutes, which they or the jobseeker MUST easily customise to reflect the jobseekers achievements, experience, transferable skills and to the employment opportunity

Our unique cost-effective CV Builder tool is available on a pay as you use or Annual License, from as £500 + vat with free training for a limited time. We also have an option to allow jobseekers access to our CV Builder tool, therefore you can in 1 hour train upto 500 jobseekers to create a professional quality, customised CV.

Revolutionary FREE CV Writing Franchise (from April 2021)

Desperate times, calls for innovative and agile companies. Experience a revolutionary FREE CV Writing franchise (worth £8,000), potentially earning £25,841 working part-time, 11 hours a week to £64,602 working full-time, 40 weeks a year with potential free equity worth up to £155,894.

Revolutionary CV Writing Consultation (from April 2021)

Using the expertise, excellent communication and probing skills, of our highly skilled CV Writing franchise partners, they will ensure the high quality, base-line CV, created by our revolutionary CV Builder tool, within 5-15 minutes, is customised to reflect the students, graduates and jobseeker’s achievements, as well as uncover their unique experience and transferable skills.

This 30 minute 1-2-1 consultation will be via Zoom / telephone, in the UK and then globally, with the highest level of customer satisfaction, at an exceptional price of £45, worth up to £200.

It is essential to have the 1-2-1 consultation with our highly skilled partners, therefore they create a highly effective CV for clients, driven where ever possible by their achievements, experience and transferable skills.

Within the 30 minute consultation, we will also provide the client with a sample cover letter, as well as provide details where they can have FREE quality interview videos, elearning, skills health check, all for £45

Getting Started & Systems Requirement

Our revolutionary CV Builder tool works on all major internet browsers i.e. from Microsoft, Google, Apple etc however it does not work on mobile phones, as we noticed jobseekers did not customise the base-line CV our Tool created.

You must allow ‘Pop-Ups’ to use our CV Builder tool, as we use them for log-in, instructions and displaying error messages.

5 Minute Video

Watch the video below, to see why more than 1 million students and jobseekers worldwide chose our CV tool to launch or progress their career.