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Your CV is one of the most important documents you’re ever going to create, however over 80% of students, graduates and jobseekers in the UK are creating a CV which is not fully appreciated by employers.

We guarantee if you spend 30 minutes viewing the fantastic FREE CV information on this webpage and CV training videos, you will absorb vital information, created by 11 HR managers with over 120 years of combined HR experience in global recruitment, ensuring you always create the right professional quality CV as you progress in your education and career . . . therefore even if you are an Apple, Android or mobile user, you will see the substantial benefit of using our CV Tool, as currently it only works on Microsoft platform (see Systems Requirement section on this page).

Please view the 5 minute Executive Overview video, as it demonstrates how our revolutionary FREE CV Builder tool enables you to create a professional quality, customised CV within an hour. All we ask is that you make a small voluntary contribution of £2 - £5 (see ‘How much to contribute’ section below) once you’re satisfied with your CV, and/or upload your CV to a free job matching service in the UK...who pay us a commission, as they want quaity CVs

View examples of the different types of CVs our tool can create, depending on your situation, skills and experience (you can also use as FREE CV templates. Please note our CV Tool creates CVs in tables, therefore view ‘gridlines’ to edit the CV).

Happy Employee Hired

Do you want FREE professional interview videos worth £60, then help us reach our goal, therefore we can invest in upgrading our CV Tool therefore it works on Apple, Android and mobile devices (see Interview video section below).

Why is it the best FREE CV Builder tool in the world

11 highly experienced HR managers joined forces to create this game-changing £2 million CV Builder tool, consulting with employers worldwide to perfect the structure, format and content of an effective, successful CV, containing over

  • 1,500 fully customisable Job Profiles
  • 300 fully customisable Key Skills and Attributes

Ensuring every CV you create, is fully customised to reflect not only your own achievements, skills and experience – but also to target every single job application you make.

Independent case studies clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our CV tool, as up to 98% of the people who used our CV tool, were placed in to employment, many within weeks. What have you got to lose! Try our FREE tool today and take a significant step towards securing the career you really want.

Who is it for?

Students, graduates and jobseekers can use the tool to create a best practice, base-line CV within 15-20 minutes. Then you’ll need to invest a further 30 minutes or so to customise your CV. Our tool makes this quick, easy and effective.

Educational establishments can download a fantastic FREE 38-page User Guide, once you are in our CV tool. This informative and easy to follow user guide, ensures PSHE teachers, advisors etc. will be able to teach students to create highly impactful and successful CVs, as well as highlight to them how their CV will change format as they progress in their education and career.

Teachers can also contact us for a free document, which we use to train students and jobseekers globally, providing step by step instructions to create some of the sample CVs below.

We also have a commercial version of the tool ideal for commercial and educational providers, as well as government departments, helping students and jobseekers into employment.

Want to know more?

Watch the video below, to see why more than 1 million students and jobseekers worldwide chose our CV tool to launch or progress their career.

How can it be FREE?

At Epcot Career Solutions, we are passionate about empowering people to achieve their dreams. We feel proud and privileged that our CV tool can unlock people’s potential by creating a fully customised CV that is always person-specific and job-relevant. We want everyone to have access to our unique tool and so we offer this unrivalled service free-of-charge. Find out more about what motivates us by reading our founder’s heart-warming story.

All we ask is that you consider making a small voluntary contribution, after you have created and are completely satisfied with your CV. We reinvest all contributions in upgrading the tool and making other expert careers advice available free-of-charge.

How much to Contribute

Once you’ve created your CV and are satisfied with its quality, relevance and professionalism, we ask for contributions (via PayPal or credit/debit card) towards the development of this unique tool and other career services as follows...

Students, graduates and education establishments:

We ask students and graduates to make a voluntary contribution of £2 each as a single payment for their use of our CV tool, while they are at that educational establishment. Schools, colleges and universities can make a group payment on behalf of their students. We suggest £2 per student but ask that you contribute whatever you can afford, as the service is worth up to £200.

For students and education establishments unable to afford the suggested £2 contribution, there is another way you can help us fund the service whilst benefiting from additional job-seeking support. Simply upload your CV to the free UK job board CV-Library. You will be automatically job matched to suitable employment opportunities and we receive a small fee from CV-Library for each new user, provided they are aged 16 or over and living or studying in the UK.


If you’re currently unemployed, we do ask that you contribute at least £5 for 12 months’ access to our CV tool (a service worth £50). If you’re claiming benefits, please ask your Jobcentre, National Careers Service or Training Provider to pay for you or refund your contribution.

Government agencies, charities and commercial providers:

Providers supporting jobseekers to find employment are asked to pay at least £5 for every CV created.

Corporate support and major contributions:

We believe that every person should have the chance to reach their full potential. Your contribution has the power to make an extraordinary impact on the lives of students and jobseekers in the UK and all across the world. For substantial contributions or sponsorship, please contact us to discuss the opportunity further.

We reinvest all contributions into our tool’s ongoing development so that it remains the best free CV tool available anywhere in the world.

Claim back VAT

Epcot Career Solutions is VAT registered and makes VAT payments to HMRC. If your contribution exceeds £50, you can request a VAT receipt by contacting us with the name or email address you used to make the contribution.

Transparency and integrity

We know that some companies don’t make their charges clear up-front. A so-called ‘free CV builder tool’ turns out to be a costly exercise that might not generate the results you want. We strive to be completely candid, fair and altruistic about the contributions we request. For example, you don’t need to pay an annual fee to access your CV if you haven’t updated it. Just make a voluntary contribution next time you use the tool to create or update your CV – even if that’s a decade later. We’ll reinvest all revenue generated by people using the tool to keep developing and improving it - for example, launching a version compatible with Apple and Android in the near future.

Do you want FREE Interview Videos?

We’re issuing you with a challenge! We want as many people as possible to find and use our CV tool because feedback tells us that it truly has the power to transform lives. If you use and like our tool, please share it with and recommend it to your friends, colleagues and family.

If we can reach our target of £350,000 in contributions by the end of February 2019 – we will commit to giving every student, graduate, jobseeker and educational establishment, who contributed at least £2, with 12 months FREE access to 12 professional interview and career development videos worth £60. Find out more about the videos and if you can’t wait until March, you can purchase them now for just £10.

Educational establishments who make at least £50 contribution, will receive 12 months free access to the 12 interview videos for every £2 contribution for students i.e. 50 licenses for £100 contribution. Government agencies or commercial providers who make at least £50 contribution, will receive 12 months free access to the 12 interview videos for every £5 contribution for jobseekers i.e. 20 licenses for £100 contribution.

FREE Careers Workshop at Epcot in Orlando

Careers / Enterprise Advisors and PSHE teachers, providing Careers Advice within educational establishments in the UK, we have listened to your requirement and we’re issuing you with a challenge! We want as many students as possible to use the finest FREE CV Builder tool in the world, as well as ensure you are provided with the right resources and expertise to provide students with the right CV, Interview and life-long learning solutions, therefore:

  • We will be taking up to 24 Careers / Enterprise Advisors and PSHE teachers, providing Careers Advice within educational establishments in the UK, to a FREE 6 day package at Epcot in Orlando, if we can reach our target of £500,000 in contributions by the end of February 2019. Find out more about the wonderful FREE Careers Workshop.

This unique and inspirational Careers Workshop, will highlight the different CV, Interview and professional elearning solutions that are available in the UK for FREE or cost-effectively, the difference between them and how to use them effectively, as well as the opportunity to ask global employers what they look for in a CV, at an interview, as well as if courses have any impact on a student being selected for an interview etc.

This FREE Careers Workshop also provides delegates with the opportunity to bring up to 3 family members with them (you are responsible for their flights and food), and where possible, allow you to arrive early or extend your stay, at discounted hotel rates at a wonderful 4* hotel in Disney Orlando.

Commercial version of our CV Builder tool

We offer a commercial version of our pioneering tool with substantial additional functionality – including localised security, report generation and technical support. The cost-effective commercial version is available to education establishments, government departments and commercial providers worldwide who are helping students and jobseekers into employment.

Find out more about the commercial version of our acclaimed tool.

Getting Started

Using our responsive tool, you can create a professional, best practice two-page CV in around 20 minutes. To make it stand out and shout about your successes to prospective employers, you then need to spend time customising and enhancing it. Without customisation, your CV won’t accurately reflect your achievements, experience, qualifications and transferable skills, nor will it be tailored to the specific job for which you’re applying.

Employers tell us all the time it is this customisation that makes CVs shine. You are far more likely to be successful with a fully customised CV that is adapted specifically for each job application. Our tool enables you to do just that – efficiently and with confidence. Here’s how…

When you’re creating your CV using our tool, you’ll be prompted to search for a job at the point where you complete the all-important profile section. Customise your CV for a specific job from the outset and the tool will train you how to transfer that knowledge and tweak your CV to target any job application.

Five easy steps to creating your customised CV

1. Read the ‘Systems Requirement’ section to ensure you have the correct software and settings to run the tool. Currently our tool works solely with Microsoft platforms, although we plan to develop versions for Apple and Android using the contributions our users kindly make. If you are an Apple or Android user, please visit your local library or education establishment in the meantime, as they will have hardware compatible with our tool.

2. View the Training Videos in order to understand and benefit fully from our tool. We’ve created two brief overview videos to introduce you to the tool and how to use it (Executive Overview and How to create a new Job Profile), plus several more detailed, in-depth videos specific to job type and experience.

  • Overview (5 minutes long)
  • ‘How to create a new Job Profile’ (3 minutes)
  • Creating a CV for the first time – ideal for students (24 minutes)
  • Writing a graduate CV (10 minutes)
  • Compiling an IT / technical CV (4 minutes)
  • Producing a CV for a management position or other profession (7 minutes)

3. Create a FREE account and complete the information on our registration page. This will generate an email link for you to verify the new user account and complete the registration process. We recommend that you create the account from the device you will use to access the tool: a PC or laptop rather than your phone or tablet and using your personal email account. Then simply login to the tool and start to create your own employer-written, fully customised CV. It’s that simple!

4. Customise your profile, key skills and career history to target each individual job application. Employers tell us that CVs customised to reflect their specific requirements are those that stand out and perform best. Keep it concise and always avoid pronouns such as ‘I’ or ‘we’ when you’re customising your CV, as our CV tool creates your CV in the third person, as recommended by employers.

Please note, our CV tool uses ‘tables’ to create an effective structure and layout of your CV in Microsoft Word, therefore when editing your CV, please ‘view gridlines’, therefore you can easily customise your CV.

Guidance on customising your CV:

We’ve built functionality into our tool that teaches you how to customise your CV for every job application. When you click on the profile section, a new window will open, directing you to an online Job Board in your country. Simply enter the type of job you’re seeking and your preferred location; then select a job. Don’t worry if there are no suitable jobs at this point; just select any job for the purposes of learning how to customise your CV to target a specific role.

Review the job advertisement and identify the skills required for the role. For example, employers may include the following skills for a Retail Assistant: extensive retail experience, excellent customer service and communication skills.

Include two of the required skills in the first two bullet points of the key skills section, as well as within your career history. Then update your profile to make reference to your retail experience.

And the final step – once you have created your CV and are fully satisfied that it is professional, customised and relevant – is to make your voluntary contribution.

5. Please contribute as much as you can so that we can commit to making our free tool – and other invaluable careers advice services such as professional elearning, interview and career development videos – available and readily accessible to all.

Systems Requirement

Please follow these steps to gain safe and secure access to our tool.


You’ll need to use:

  • Microsoft Word 2007 or above
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or above
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or above

Please note that our tool does work on Chrome downloaded after 1st January 2015; however, if you experience any issues due to Flash, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer as an alternative browser.

Our tool is not currently compatible with Safari (Apple), Firefox, Tablet (except Microsoft Surface and Book) or mobile browsers. Please keep your contributions coming because we have plans to reinvest them in developing a version of the tool for Apple and Android users.


You’ll need to allow:

  • POP-UPs
  • YouTube videos (our training videos are hosted here)

Additional information for all users:

Please note that there is no technical or customer support with the free version of our tool, since we reinvest all voluntary contributions into the tool’s ongoing development and associated careers advice services. We feel confident you will find it a straightforward, user-friendly process. Until 30th November 2018, we will offer support to government and educational establishments, via contact us.

We recommend you use your personal email address rather than a work email to set up your account, as some education establishments and employers will have firewalls in place that may block the verification registration email, unless they action the important information below.

Further information for organisations:

Please ensure your IT department actions the following points to maximise the use your clients can get from our tool…

1. Add the following to your ‘safe list’
  • our email address:, because an activation email is sent to everyone who registers to use our tool
  • our website:

2. Set ActiveX settings to allow Flash player

Security and GDPR

The security of your data is a top priority for us. Our SQL database is encrypted to 256bit encryption with SSL Certificate, allowing for secure connection between our server and your browser. In regards to GDPR, you have our guarantee, your data, will NEVER be sold or marketed to any external organisation and we will not send more than 4 emails a year to keep you updated on upgrades we will be making to the CV tool, as well as additional free or highly affordable career services, via email.

Training Videos

We recommend that you watch our brief, informative overview videos before using our tool. They’ll help you extract its full potential so you can use it efficiently and with confidence.

We’ve created a five-minute ‘Executive Overview’ video and a three-minute ‘How to create a new job profile’ video. You might also find it useful to view the video specific to your area of work or current situation: we have more specific, in-depth videos specialising in CVs for students or first-time jobseekers; graduates, IT specialists or technical professionals and management roles or other professions.

How to create a new Job Profile

This three-minute video shows you how you create a new job profile for a specific role, based on one of the existing 1,500 job profiles within our comprehensive tool.

Student CV (below degree level) or creating a CV for the first time

Our five-minute overview video gives you a brief but informative tour of our tool’s functionality. If you’d like a more detailed, in-depth insight into its potential, have a look at our 24-minute training video designed specifically with students or CV first-timers in mind.

Students, one useful tip is to select ‘you are creating a student / college CV’ when prompted by the tool. This will ensure the chronology of your CV is relevant to your experience; for example, listing your education and any qualifications before your career history.

If you haven’t had any paid employment, use the career history section to highlight any work experience or voluntary work you’ve undertaken. (The tool will automatically re-name this section ‘work experience’ if you’ve had no prior paid employment.) Such experience can demonstrate key transferable skills which a prospective employer will appreciate and value.

We’ve all done some form of voluntary work, whether it was raising money for a local cause or community group; organising an event or caring for a family member. Even if all you did was spend half a day helping at the school fete – tell potential employers with passion how effectively you did this and the impact you made. The ‘How to create a new job profile’ video explains how to align the experience you gained and the goals you accomplished with one of the 1,500 Job Profiles listed within the tool and customise it so that it reflects your specific situation.

For the above example, you would begin with the ‘charity fundraiser’ job profile listed in the tool; then tweak the bullet points within the profile to reflect what you did in advance and on the day. You’re aiming for half a dozen or so dynamic statements that have clarity and impact, reflecting how you organised, planned and promoted the event, working effectively in a team and generating £x for your school. Once you’re happy with your statements, you can rename your new job profile ‘school fundraiser’ or similar. That’s how easy it is to tweak and customise your CV, presenting it in employers’ preferred format and structure.

Using our tool, you can feel confident that your CV reflects your achievements in a way that employers will value. Feel your self-esteem soar when you tell them more about this invaluable experience at a job interview.

Graduate CV:

The format for this type of CV differs slightly from a student or first-timer’s CV. Employers value the confident, customised and coherent CVs our tool creates and they’ve specifically asked us to structure graduate CVs in a certain way. You’ll notice that the key skills section is not pre-populated as it is with other types of CV. Because we’re in constant contact with employers we’re able to use their feedback to give you the very best advice and tools to create the CVs they want to see.

Watch the 10-minute training video specifically for graduates for more details.

Graduate CVs tend to be a maximum of two pages. Some employers, particularly banks and other financial services, may request a more succinct, one-page CV, so it’s worth checking directly with an employer before you send your CV. Our CV tool allows you to create multiple CVs, therefore you can create a 1 page and 2 page CV.

If you are creating a graduate IT/Technical CV, we recommend you also view the IT/Technical CV training video, as you may wish to insert the ‘areas of expertise’ and/or ‘technical skills’ sections into your CV and include one or two key skills or achievements (remember to delete the IT skills section on page two, if you have used this option).

IT/Technical CV:

If you’re an IT specialist or in a technical vocation, view the four-minute video specific to IT/ technical CVs and make sure you select ‘you are creating an IT/Technical CV’ from the CV style options. This will ensure your CV is customised to the format employers expect and prefer; for example: ‘areas of expertise’ and ‘technical skills’ will replace the key skills section.

Focus not just on your technical skills when you’re compiling your CV, but also on your actions, results and achievements. The STAR method (Situation, Task, Activity and Results) is an approach favoured by employers because it highlights how you used your skills and experience to resolve a problem and achieve business goals. For example: ‘Automated the regression testing of software, saving the company over £1.2 million per year, as well as reducing bugs in software releases by 85%’.

Management and Profession CV:

This CV format is suitable for management roles and other professions such as sales & marketing, teaching, accounting, etc.

We’ve created a seven-minute training video tailored to management CVs, which will help you optimise your CV for specific management roles or vocations. Your CV needs to focus on your achievements, actions and results, rather than simply listing your role and experience. Employers value the STAR method (Situation, Task, Activity and Results) in CVs for these types of roles too because it gives them a brief but thorough insight into how your skills, experience and achievements contributed to the organisation’s success. For example, you could say: ‘Launched a new product line, resulting in an additional £2 million revenue for the company within 12 months.’