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We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our Crowd Funding campaign. With your support we raised over £63,000 within 2 months, however this was short of our £260,000 goal.

However, I am delighted to inform you that the campaign generated promising leads with Governments and global companies. They are extremely interested in using our CV/Resume Builder tool, interview videos and elearning to create life-long learning for their citizens, members or employees.

Please contact us via email to understand how we can work together to help students and jobseekers, world-wide, get into employment and create life-long learning.


An inspirational once in a life-time opportunity to ensure every student and jobseeker globally has free access to our revolutionary online CV (Resume) Builder tool, localised to their region/country, professional Career Service and truly create life-long learning through extremely affordable professional elearning, therefore they can reach their full potential.

Epcot Career Solutions Ltd has invested over 4 years and GBP £1 million (approx. USD$1.6 million) into the research and development of a truly revolutionary CV Builder tool, which is the first of its kind world-wide, containing over 1,500 fully customisable Job Profiles, created by HR professionals.

The Tool creates a professional quality 2-page CV that is customisable to the individual jobseeker and has been successfully piloted by students and jobseekers globally. The Tool can create different types of professional quality CVs, i.e. student CV, graduate CV, normal reverse chronological order CV for blue collar, office, retail, etc.; IT / technical CV and management CV.

Please view our 3 minute Crowd funding video below.

  • Click here to view samples of different types of CVs created using the Tool

  • Click here for 5 minute Executive Overview video on using the Tool

  • Inspirational Crowd Funding Opportunity

    Epcot Career Solutions' ambition is to provide all students and jobseekers world-wide (in schools, colleges, universities, libraries & jobcentres), with free life-time access to creating a professional quality, inspirational and customised CV, free professional online Job Matching service, as well as provide extremely affordable, professional Interview & Career Development online videos and truly create life-long learning.

    Experience an inspirational Crowd Funding initiative to help make this happen with individual, government or corporate donations of £52 or $80 per school, college, university, library or jobcentre you can nominate globally (subject to reaching 5,000 donations of £52/$80 by 31st March 2015), we will provide:

    • Free life-time access to the CV Builder tool for 4 members of your family and/or friends, worth over £400 / $640
    • 4 free 12 month accounts to access 25 professional elearning courses worth over £1,700 (£425 per account). The elearning license will be emailed to you week commencing 27th April 2015.

        PRINCE2: 2009 Foundation

      • Prince2: 2009 Foundation (1 hour)
      • Project Quality, Change & Progress (1.5 hours)
      • Controlling, Managing and Closing a Project (2hrs)
      • Project Organisation, Planning & Risk (2 hours)
      • Starting Up, Initiating & Directing a Project (1.5hrs)
      • Tailoring Prince2 to a Project Environment (1.5hrs)

      • Negotiation Skills for Sales Professionals, Sales Skills and Telesales

      • Preparing to Negotiate (1 hour)
      • Reaching Agreement (1 hour)
      • Telesales Communications (6 hours)
      • Value Exchange (1 hour)
      • Delivering High Impact Sales Presentations (6 hrs)

      • Competitive Marketing Strategies, Finance & Accounting Essentials for Non-financial Professionals

      • Analyzing Competitors (1 hour)
      • Principles of Accounting & Finance (1 hour)
      • Selecting & Implementing Strategies (1 hour)
      • Cash Flow Management Essentials (1 hour)

      • Advanced Management Skills and Leadership Skills

      • Managing for High Performance (4 hours)
      • Leading Teams: Dealing with Conflict (1 hour)
      • Managing Managers (3.5 hours)
      • Motivating Employees (1 hour)

      • Customer Service Skills, Telephone Skills and Facilitating Skills

      • Customer Interactions (3.5 hours)
      • Conflict, Stress & Time Management (3.5 hours)
      • Essential Skills for Telephone Calls (1 hour)
      • Communication Skills (3.5 hours)
      • Developing Strong Customer Relationships (1 hr)
      • Facilitating Meetings & Work Groups (4.5 hours)
      • For details of the 25 elearning courses please click on the Gold package on this page link.

    • 4 free 12 month accounts to access the following 12 professional Interview and Career Development online videos worth over £240 (£60 per account):.
      • 207 Interview Techniques
      • Graduate Interview Skills
      • What NOT to say at Interview
      • Brilliant Public Speaking
      • Leaving the Public Sector (also for any other Sector)
      • Assessment Centres
      • 135 Interview Answers
      • Executive Interview Skills
      • Boost Your Confidence
      • Finding Your Purpose
      • Surviving Redundancy
      • Top CV Secrets

    The accounts to access the above online videos will be emailed to you week commencing 27th April 2015. For details of the 12 professional Interview and Career Development videos please click on the Silver package on this page link

    Our Crowd Funding initiative, also allows corporations, governments and individuals to make larger donations, allowing every school, college, university and jobcentre in a council, borough, county, state, region or country, with free and life-time access to our Tool from as little as £250 (approx. $400).

    Once we have reached our Crowd Funding target to raise £3 million by 31st March 2015, the Tool will be made available for free globally, localised to different languages and regions, funded by ethical advertising. Within 6 months, our ambition is to complement this Tool with a portfolio of professional and revolutionary online and face to face 'Career and Learning' services. This will encourage life-long learning amongst children and adults worldwide, by providing a combination of free, or extremely cost-effective, professional career and learning services, to help them reach their full potential.

    What's in it for You

    A single professional elearning course from our global elearning provider will cost at least £20/$30, yet we are offering 12 months access to 25 professional elearning courses as well as 12 professional Interview and Career Development online videos for 4 members of your family / friends.

    Your donation will also provide a nominated school, college, university, library or jobcentre with free life-time access to the CV Builder tool, as well as provide every one of their students or jobseekers with free life-time access to the Tool, worth over £40,000 / $64,000 per year.

    Students and jobseekers, why not raise the £52/$80 donation by sharing it with 3 other students or jobseekers, therefore it is only costing each of you £13/$20 for a package worth over £585/$855 each, as well as your nominated establishment having free life-time access to the CV Builder tool.

    Donate via any of the following Crowd Funding platforms: Indiegogo or Kickstarter or Crowdfunder


    • The CV Builder tool requires the use of Microsoft Word 2003 or above (also works with Word Starter); Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or above, any versions of Chrome or Firefox downloaded after 1st September 2014; Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or above and allow Pop-ups. The Tool does not currently work using Safari (Apple), tablet or mobile browsers.
    • In the interest of clarity, all references to CVs within this section also apply to Resumes
    • All references to £ or GBP£ is the Pound Sterling, which is the official currency of the United Kingdom and all references to $ or USD$ is the United States dollar
    • We have used an exchange rate of $1.5 to calculate the conversion from £ to $. The actual donation value in $ will depend on the currency exchange rate on the day you make the donation
    • If we do not reach a minimum of 5,000 donations of £52/$80 through the Crowd Funding initiative by 31st March 2015, Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Crowdfunder will refund all donations made

    For further information please contact:
    The Crowd Funding Manager,
    Epcot Career Solutions Ltd, 6-9 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB11 1FW, United Kingdom