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Epcot Career Solutions are delighted to announce after 5 years and over USD$2 million investment, every student and jobseeker globally will have FREE, life-time access to our revolutionary CV / Resume* BuilderTool.

This inspirational global initiative has been made possible via commission on sales or advertising revenue from Microsoft and Google.

We have teamed-up with CV-Library for a fantastic initiative for students and jobseekers in the UK only to receive FREE access to 12 professional Interview and Career Development videos worth £60 (subject to T&Cs explained later in section titled ‘Free access to professional Interview videos’).

A commercial version of our Tool with no advertisements and with additional functionality and support is available globally for educational establishments, governmental departments, training providers etc, at extremely cost-effective rates. Email for further information.


A CV is probably the most important document you are going to create. However, it provides the greatest frustration in students and jobseekers who are unable to secure their dream jobs, as they have not been taught how to create a professional quality CV and equally in Employers receiving poor quality CV’s.

So we embarked on a journey with 11 HR Managers to help both parties. This led to creating the only CV Builder Tool in the world pre-populated with over 1,500 fully customisable Job Profiles and 300 Key Skills & Attributes.

Over 600,000 jobseekers globally have successfully used our Tool, with phenomenal results, placing upto 98% of jobseekers into employment, even during a recession (see case study), as well as placing long term NEETS and unemployed, into employment in as little as a week.

FREE access to 12 professional Interview and Career Development videos worth £60 for students & jobseekers living in the UK only

Using substantial volume discounts, we have teamed-up with CV-Library (a national online Job Board), for a truly inspirational initiative to ensure every student, graduate and jobseeker in the UK has excellent interview skills. If by 1st May 2018, over 100,000 students & jobseekers in the UK, upload their CV to CV-Library, as a new user (or if they have not used CV-Library for over 6 months) via the affiliate link below; within 2 weeks of reaching this target, we will provide them with:

  • 12 months FREE access to 12 professional Interview and Career Development videos worth over £60 (click here for details of the excellent videos or you can purchase them now for a substantial discount)

Please CLICK HERE to register with CV-Library and upload your CV. You do not have to create a CV using our Tool to take advantage of the interview videos, however please ensure your CV is to a standard that will be appreciated by employers: you must however create a free account to use our CV Builder tool, therefore you will be able to access the interview videos using the same Username and Password you used to use our Tool.

Within 2 weeks of launch, we have had over 30,000 students, graduates and jobseekers in the UK upload their CV, which is a fantastic start. Within 2 weeks of reaching our target, we will email all users who successfully uploaded their CV to CV-Library (as a new user, via our website), a confirmation email, they can access the interview videos. It would be amazing if we could reach 1 million by our deadline.

Once you have uploaded your CV to CV-Library via our affiliate link, you will receive job alerts relevant to you, as well as potentially employers and recruitment agencies calling you directly for an interview. If you receive any phishing emails or cold calls selling other services, please feel free to contact CV Library via CV Library work with SAFERjobs (who work with the Met police) and use automated and manual tools to ensure every job post is legitimate. If you are unsure at any time please contact CV-Library.

The CV Builder Tool

Happy Employee Hired

Please watch the 5 minute 'Executive Overview' video above, to understand how this unique tool takes the stress out of creating impactful and tailored CV’s, in as little as 10 minutes. Created by 11 HR Managers from global corporations, the Tool boasts:

Important note, while the Tool can create your professional quality 2 page CV in as little as 10 minute; you need to spend time reviewing and enhancing your CV so it provides a true reflection of your achievements, experience, qualifications and skills; is tailored to the job you are applying for and importantly to check for any spelling mistakes or errors.

With free life-time access of the Tool you can continually update your CV as you progress through your education and/or career, as well as create CV’s tailored to each job being applied for.

* for the purpose of clarity and readability, all further references to CV / Resume will be included as CV on our website and within the Tool
** If you are using our Tool outside the UK, your Job Profile may be under a different name i.e. in the USA an Estate Agent is called a Real Estate Agent, therefore Google what your job is called in the UK and then you can rename this Job profile when importing this profile into your CV.

Getting Started

It is essential to read the Systems Requirement section first,and check you have the correct software to run the Tool, as well as direction on gaining access to the Tool. Then in 3 easy steps you can create your own professional quality, customised CV, and match it to relevant jobs using strategic online job board partners, in over 60 Countries.

1. View the Training Videos

First watch the following videos to learn how the Tool works and how to get the most from it:
  • 5 minute ‘Executive Overview’ training video in the previous section
  • 3 minute ‘How to Create a New Job Profile’ training video which is in the Training Videos section at the bottom of this page

Then, if you are creating one of the following CV types, please watch its’ respective short training video which are located in the Training Videos section at the bottom of the page:

  • Student (or if you are creating a CV for the first time)
  • Graduate
  • IT / Technical
  • Management or other profession

2. Create a FREE account by clicking here

An email will be sent to your inbox, which you must action to complete the registration process. Then you can login to the Tool and create your professional quality, customised CV.

3. Customise Profile, Key Skills and Career History sections

It is essential to customise the Profile, Key Skills and Career History sections of your CV for every job application, by reflecting the requirements of the Employer / job. Please maintain all customisation in the third person (i.e. avoid using I, He, She).

Guidance on customising your CV:

  1. To help you understand how to customise your CV for every job application, when you click on the Key Skills section, a new window will open, taking you to your country online job board partner online job site, then:
    1. Enter the type of job and location you are looking for
    2. Select one of the jobs you wish to apply for

  2. Review the job advertisement and identify the skills required for the job. For example, Employers may include the following skills for a Retail Assistant: extensive retail experience, excellent customer service and communication skills.
    1. Include the 2 main skills required in the first 2 bullet points of the Key Skills section, as well as within your Career History
    2. Update your Profile to reference your retail experience

    Please check your CV for any spelling and grammar mistakes applicable to your country, using the spell check function in Microsoft Word, as our Tool currently only creates CVs in UK English i.e. colour is spelt color in the USA.

    Jobseekers globally have been using the Microsoft Translate function available in Word, allowing you to translate your CV to 50+ languages (click here for further information).

Applying for a job

Once you have created your CV, please apply for relevant jobs on our job board partner sites, via clicking on the Job Search logo within our Online Store area.

Please remember to customise your CV for every job application, especially the Profile, Key Skills and Career History sections, using the key skills / experience the Employer is requesting within their advertisement.

The global presence of our job board partners means you can apply for jobs in over 60 countries it operates in.

Systems Requirement

Please follow the following systems requirements to gain access to the Tool

  • Software: You must use/have:
    • Microsoft Word 2007 or above
    • Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or above
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or above or Chrome downloaded after 1st January 2015
  • You must allow POP-UP’s
  • To enable free use of the Tool, DO NOT use AD BLOCKERS or block the Google YouTube video advertisements in the training videos or in the Tool
  • The Tool is not currently compatible with Safari (Apple), Firefox, Tablet (except Microsoft Surface and Book) or mobile browsers
  • There is no technical or customer support with the free version of our Tool (unless you are a government, looking at implementing our Tool nationally, in which case please email for further information)
  • Please use your personal email address (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc) to register for the Tool, as educational establishments or Employers firewalls may block the verification registration email

Systems Requirement, specifically for educational establishments, training providers and governmental departments i.e. jobcentres, libraries etc.

Please ensure your IT Departments also action the following:

  • ADD the following within the ‘Safe List’
    • Our email address:, because an activation email is sent to everyone who registers to use our Tool
    • Our website:
  • Set ActiveX settings to allow Flash player


Security is extremely important to us, and our SQL database is encrypted to 256bit encryption with SSL Certificate, allowing for secure connection between our Server and your browser.

For added assurance, if needed, we suggest using a dummy name and contact information when creating your CV, then you can manually update your name and contact details once you have downloaded your CV.

Training Videos

Please remember everyone must watch the 5 minute ‘Executive Overview’ and 3 minute ‘How to create a new job profile’ video’s before using our Tool, as well as if applicable, watch the training videos specifically developed if you are creating a Student (or creating your first CV), Graduate, IT/Technical and Management (or other profession) CV.

How to create a new Job Profile

This 3 minute video provides advice on creating a new Job Profile, based on one of the existing 1,500 Job Profiles in the Tool.

Click here to view the list of over 1,500 Job Profiles you can customise, to create a new job profile.

Student CV (below degree level) or creating a CV for the first time

If after watching the 5 minute ‘Executive Overview’ video, you are not able to create a professional quality CV, please watch the in-depth 24 minute video below, to understand the full functionality of the Tool.

Students should select ‘you are creating a student / college CV’ when prompted, as this will ensure you create your CV in the correct format, i.e. your Education is placed before your Career History.

It is imperative students and jobseekers who have NOT had any paid employment, ensure:

  • They effectively promote any Work Experience or Voluntary work, to a standard potential employers will appreciate and value
  • And this experience is listed in the Career History section of your CV (which will be automatically renamed ‘Work Experience’ if you have not had any paid employment).

Everyone has done some voluntary work i.e. helped raise money for their educational establishment, community, football team etc. via school fate, organise events, leaflet distribution, made fashion accessories, make-up artist for family and friends, or cared for family member etc.

Even if all you did was invest ½ day helping your school raise money at the school fate; tell potential employers with passion, how you effectively did this and the impact you made. The ‘how to create a new job profile’ video details how you would create a new job profile using an existing job profile. Click here to view the list of over 1,500 Job Profiles you can customise, to create a new job profile.

For the above example, you would customise the ‘Charity Fund-Raiser’ job profile, by customising the bullets within the existing profile, to 5-7 impactful and dynamic statements, reflecting how you organised, promoted, worked effectively in a team, generating £x sales for the school, and then rename the ‘Charity Fund-Raiser’ job profile to ‘School Fund-Raiser’.

It’s that simple and watch your confidence grow, as you speak about this invaluable experience at a job interview.

Graduate CV:

Please watch the 10 minute video below to understand why the graduate Key Skills section is in a different format, as the CV Builder tool does not pre-populate this section with Key Skills, as employers have requested us not to do this.

Graduate CVs are normally a maximum of 2 pages, however some Employers (mostly financial or banking) request a 1 page CV, therefore it is advisable to check with the Employers before sending your CV.

If you are creating a graduate IT/Technical CV, it is highly recommended you also view the IT/Technical CV training video, as you may wish to insert the ‘Areas of Expertise’ and/or ‘Technical Skills’ sections into your CV and include 1 or 2 Key Skills or Achievements (remember to delete the IT Skills section on page 2, if you have used this option).

IT/Technical CV:

Please watch the 4 minute training video below.

Select ‘you are creating an IT/Technical CV’ from the select CV Style box, for the right format: ‘Areas of Expertise’ and ‘Technical Skills’ replace the Key Skills section.

Your CV must be focused on your technical skills, as well as the actions and results, rather than just listing your role and experience i.e. explain what action was taken and what happened as a result of your action especially focusing on your achievements.

Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Activity and Results - you can Google this if you are unsure what this means), with particular focus describing the results of your actions in business goals i.e. ‘Automated the regression testing of software, saving the company over £1.2 million per year, as well as reduced bugs in software releases by 85%’.

Management CV: (of any other profession CV i.e. Marketing, Sales, Teaching, Accounting etc)

Please watch the 7 minute training video below.

Your CV needs to focus on your achievements, actions and results, rather than just listing your role and experience i.e. explain what action was taken and what happened as a result of your action especially focusing on your achievements.

Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Activity and Results - you can Google this if you are unsure what this means), with particular focus describing the results of your actions in business goals i.e. Launched a new product line, resulting in an additional £2 million revenue for the company within 12 months of launch.