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...experience an inspirational FREE franchise solution


To provide unrivalled inspirational quality solutions for CV creation and wraparound career services within a 30-minute 1-2-1 consultation, initially in the UK and then globally, with the highest level of customer satisfaction at an exceptional price of £15 - £20.

Our extensive survey of 3,118 students, graduates and parents in the UK (Survey of Career Service in UK Schools) clearly demonstrates students, graduates, parents and jobseekers are willing for pay for this inspirational service.

Business Model

To franchise the creation of professional quality CVs and wraparound services at NO franchise cost, that could generate a healthy sustainable income for the Franchisee, on a part-time basis, as well as ensure students, graduates and jobseekers have a professional quality, base-line CV created for them within a 30 minute consultation, for £15 if you are a Student Franchise Partner ((from which we are paid £3) or £20, if you are a Career Franchise Partner (from which we are paid £3). The vast majority of Career Franchise Partners will only provide a 1 hour customised CV service, for £40 (from which we are paid £6).