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Be part of Epcot Career Solutions' success

Experience a revolutionary FREE CV Writing franchise worth £8,000, potentially earning £25,841 working part-time, 11 hours a week; £51,681 working 22 hours a week, for 40 weeks a year, with free equity worth up to £155,894

Inspirational Mission

The future of cost effective, quality CV writing, is human expertise and machine collaboration, therefore millions of students, graduates and jobseekers in the UK, reach their true potential, especially in this recession.

Our mission is to provide unrivalled inspirational quality solutions for CV creation and wraparound career and recruitment services, for students, graduates and jobseekers, within a revolutionary and proven 30 minute, 1-2-1 consultation via Zoom / telephone.

This service will be provided by a highly experienced franchise partner (Recruitment / HR professional, Employability / Career / JCP Advisor / Job Coach or PSHE teacher), working part-time or full-time, and the Commercial version of our revolutionary £2m CV Builder tool, for a highly affordable price of £45 (worth up to £200). From this payment, you will pay us £7.50 for the use of our Tool and national marketing and advertising, as well as £1.61 PayPal fees, resulting in you earning £35.89 for providing a 30 minute exceptional service.

Our extensive survey of Recruitment / HR Professionals, Employability / Career / JCP advisors, clearly highlight, they view this unique opportunity to substantially top-up their earnings working part-time, as well as make a substantial positive impact to the UK economy by placing jobseekers into employment sooner, using our proven model of creating a quality CV, driven wherever possible by achievements, providing the right effective careers advice and quality free career resources, within a single 30 minute inspirational service.

Unique Business Model

Desperate times, calls for innovative and agile companies. We will franchise the creation of professional quality CV’s and wraparound career and recruitment services for free (worth over £8,000), to the first 4,000 franchise partners, who are selected by 31st December 2021 as well as provide upto 20% equity, therefore collectively, we work together to generate local, national and global accounts.

We expect to generate substantial government and corporate contracts, however our franchise partners are expected to generate sales themselves by promoting their services on websites (LinkedIn, Google,,,, etc), as well as using their social media contacts for a highly affordable, professional service.