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In 1990, our CEO, Charanjit Randhawa nearly lost his life, after he was left for dead, after viciously being robbed and attacked, in London (UK), by a gang of 4 young men, who were unemployed, fuelled on alcohol and drugs. The attackers were caught by the police and Charanjit had the opportunity to speak to the attackers, to understand why he was robbed and attacked, and his lasting memory was, when one of the attackers stated, 'he felt worthless at school, with no hope of finding employment, therefore the only life he had was committing crime'.

In 1992, Charanjit left IBM, after 10 wonderful years, to recover from the injuries sustained in the devastating attack. Between 1994 and 2002, he had a highly successful career helping start-ups nationally and globally, with one generating a USD$600 million flotation within 2 years of start-up.

Since his attack, Charanjit has been passionate to help students and jobseekers into employment. Between 2001 and 2010, he and his team of HR professionals, provided a revolutionary, professional careers advice service, as a Nextstep partner (now rebranded National Career Service) in London jobcentres, consisting of:

  • Creating a professional quality, customised CV and showing jobseekers how they must customise it for every employment application
  • Providing professional interview skills and every jobseeker was given an interview book, containing great answers to tough interview questions
  • A professional IT elearning course

This unique package was worth over £400 and as a direct result, we had the best success rate of any Nextstep provider in England, in placing jobseekers into employment. We placed an amazing 52% of jobseekers, into employment in 2008/9, during the worst recession for over 40 years. The contract was terminated by the Prime Contractor in May 2010, stating our service was only to give (ineffective) CV advice and not create CVs for jobseekers. The real reason our contract was terminated was because the Prime Contractor could not replicate our service and jobcentres were sending jobseekers to our taxpayer funded service and not to their ineffective service.

In September 2010, Charanjit still clearly remembers a phone call he received from a jobseeker, pleading with him to create a professional quality CV, as he was unable to create a CV himself, as all the other Nextstep providers were only giving him CV advice, which he was unable to follow. This jobseeker stated he was ready to take his own life, as he could not cope with being unemployed, as his marriage was breaking down as a direct result of being unemployed. Within 3 weeks after creating a CV for this jobseeker for no payment, he found employment.

This was the moment Charanjit came out of retirement and invested £2 million over 10 years, to ensure every student, graduate and jobseeker in the UK, always created the right professional quality, customised CV, as they progressed in their education and career, therefore they would not end up unemployed or worse still, end up in a gang or take their own life.

Why are UK Government agencies failing students and jobseekers?

10 years after creating our revolutionary free CV Builder tool, whereby over 1 million students and jobseekers globally, have used our Tool to create a professional quality CV, and a substantial number of them, found employment in the UK (especially jobseekers from eastern Europe); many educational establishments in the UK and UK government agencies are still failing to provide students and jobseekers, with the right advice and resources on how to create a CV, that will be appreciated and valued by employers:

At the Careers and Enterprise conference in 2017, an extensive independent survey was presented on how schools and colleges in the UK, could have better prepared students for the working world. It highlighted:

  • 60% of 1,744 individuals aged between 19 and 24, stated they needed more help at school/college on how to create a good CV and how to perform well at Interview (these were the most requested services)

For further information, please see page 26 of the Contemporary Transitions Report.

In 2017, our team saw 1,416 CVs from students and graduates in London, Berks and Bucks:

  • Over 81% of the CVs we saw, were poor quality i.e. had little information of their transferable skills, work placements / experience, or the student had no idea how their CV must be customised for every employment application
  • Over 68% were unable to provide a suitable answer to a basic interview question

In 2015, 134 students in universities in the UK, took their own life and a record number of students with mental health problems dropped out of university, as highlighted in the following link The report clearly highlights, the rise has been put down to the pressures that come with students leaving university with huge debts.

Between November 2018 and March 2019, Epcot Career Solutions and over 110 graduates in the UK, conducted an extensive face to face survey of the career service provided to 3,118 students, graduates, parents and youth gang members in the UK. The findings are shocking, as they clearly state the career service in UK education is getting worse, as education ministers are not listening to students and employers needs. 2 defining results clearly demonstrate the vast difference between the careers service provided in state and private education in the UK:

  • 83% of students in state schools, wanted their careers service to provide more 1-2-1- CV skills guidance (an increase of 23% on the independent study presented by the Careers and Enterprise Company in 2017)
  • Less than 2% of students in private education were dissatisfied / extremely dissatisfied with the careers service provided in their school

For further information, please see our Survey of Career Service in UK Schools.

Why are students and jobseekers telling us they are being scammed?

Many students, graduates and jobseekers in the UK are telling us, due to ineffective CV advice provided by their educational establishment, Jobcentre or National Careers Service, they search Google / Bing for 'free CV Builder' and when they click on a number of the paid advertisements, advertising 'free CV builder; free CV templates' (these paid advertisements are always on the top and bottom of the search results), instead of the service being free, many are stating these companies are 'scams', as well as how difficult it is to cancel their subscription and get a refund, as highlighted by some of the Trustpilot reviews below:

Due to our campaign, some of these companies are no longer using the word FREE within their advertisements, however they make no reference to the fact they will charge as much as £16.95 a month subscription if you want to save, print or download the CV. Students and jobseekers are telling us, these companies should be open and transparent about their charges, before they start to create their CV, otherwise they spend considerable time and effort, creating a CV, using what they think is a free CV Builder tool and are 'forced' to sign-up to monthly subscription, otherwise they will lose the CV they created, which took considerable time and effort.

Is it ethical, the National Union of Students (NUS) and Graduate Prospects, had advertisements from 2 such companies and why did it take Charanjit Randhawa, extensive effort, to have the NUS and Graduate Prospects, remove 2 'misleading' advertisements on their website, stating 'free CV Builder tool', 'free CV templates' etc. when in reality these companies were charging as much as £16.95 a month to save, print and download the CV? On 2nd May 2018, both the NUS and Graduate Prospects are displaying an advertisement 'Create a CV, View CV Templates' etc, whereby it is not transparent, students will be charged to save, print or download their CV. Students are telling us, it is a disgrace, these 2 organisations are promoting, these types of advertisements on their websites, when they should be ensuring students are not wasting considerable time and effort on creating a CV, they will lose, if they do not make a payment.

Is it ethical, some National Career Service providers are telling jobseekers to use the free CV Builder tools, promoted on the internet, and many end up paying for a service advertised as free.

What is the Solution?

Why are the Careers and Enterprise Company, National Careers Service and DWP, not providing a professional FREE CV Builder tool, therefore every student, graduate and jobseeker in the UK will always create a professional quality, customised CV for every employment application.

Over the last 10 years, Charanjit has been to 10 Downing Street, met a number of Employment and Education Ministers, senior DWP executives, CEO of the Careers and Enterprise company and the Director of the National Careers Service, explaining to them the devastating effects unemployment has on students and jobseekers, and the poor quality CV advice provided in education and jobcentres, yet they cannot come together to purchase or create:

  • A professional CV Builder tool that would ensure every student, graduate and jobseeker in the UK, will always create a professional quality, customised CV for FREE
  • Professional Interview and Career Development videos, therefore every student and jobseeker in the UK has excellent interview skills

We have listened to educational establishments, students and jobseekers in the UK, and as a result, the free version of our revolutionary CV Builder tool, has had all advertisements removed, therefore it can be used and promoted by educational establishments. We have also developed a refreshing and honest way for them to use our Tool:

  • If students or educational establishments cannot afford to 'contribute' as little as £2-£5, AFTER they have created a professional quality, customised CV, they can still use the finest CV Builder tool in the world for FREE
  • If a jobseeker creates a CV using our Tool and is not satisfied with the professional quality CV they have created, they do not have to pay £5 for 1 years access to our Tool, which is worth over £50

All revenue generated from the 'Consumer' version of our Tool, is reinvested into upgrading the Tool and provide additional vital services i.e. professional Interview and Career Development videos, professional elearning etc.

Over 2,000 advisors helping jobseekers into employment, including Work and Health Programme and National Careers Service advisors, DWP Job Coaches, Employment Advisors working for Councils etc were using the free version of our CV Builder tool and not paying us the £5 per CV they should have paid us, as was clearly highlighted on our website, which often resulted in the jobseeker being placed into employment due to their quality CV. Many of these advisors worked for providers, who were often paid as much as £45 to create a CV and a back to work bonus, yet we were not paid a penny, resulting in over £1.5 million lost revenue.

On 1st July 2020, after venture capitalist feedback, we had to withdraw the free version of our CV Builder tool, as their feedback was either the UK Government should help fund our inspirational free CV Builder tool or purchase it, otherwise we must withdraw it.

Commenting on the company's unique business concept and ambitious growth plans, Chief Executive Officer, Charanjit Randhawa said:

Epcot Career Solutions has been established to ensure every student, graduate and jobseeker in the UK and globally, has a professional quality, customised CV for every employment application, excellent interview skills and truly create life-long learning.

I have seen the devastating effects, poor careers advice in educational establishments and jobcentres has on students and jobseekers in the UK. I have seen the frustration of passionate and caring teachers and Jobcentre advisors, where they cannot provide the career services, students and jobseekers require.

I find it unacceptable 10 years after launching our revolutionary CV Builder tool, students and jobseekers in the UK, are forced to pay exorbitant prices for CV writing companies or CV Builder tools to create a CV for them. Educational establishments, the National Careers Service and Jobcentres, should and must ensure every student and jobseeker has a professional quality CV and excellent interview skills for FREE.

We have developed the finest CV Builder tool in the world and relaunched it with honest and ethical marketing, to ensure as many students, graduates and jobseekers in the UK and globally, reach their full potential.

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We need government and/or corporate funding to relaunch the free version of our CV Builder tool, as well as substantially upgrade the CV Builder tool, to incorporate artificial intelligence, as well as provide additional free / affordable quality services i.e. interview and career development videos, professional elearning etc. Government agencies and corporations, please do not hesitate to email, to discuss the opportunity further.

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