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    • 1 million+ quality CVs created over 7 years
    • 98% success rate placing jobseekers into employment

  • In the time it takes you to watch the 5 minute Executive Overview video, of our revolutionary CV Builder tool, your advisors could create a professional quality base-line CV for a jobseeker, which they or the jobseeker will easily customise to reflect their achievements, experience, transferable skills as well as to every employment opportunity.

    View examples of the different types of CVs our tool creates.

    View list of over 1,500 fully customisable Job Profiles

    Independent case studies clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our £2 million investment in developing our revolutionary CV Builder tool, placing upto 98% of jobseekers made redundant in the last recession, into employment within 9 months of creating a quality, customised CV.

    Highly successful pilots in London Jobcentres, demonstrated placing upto 41% of long-term and recent unemployed jobseekers on benefit, into employment within 3 months; some within a week of creating a quality CV in the last recession, as well as other projects generating fantastic results in placing NEETS and students into employment.

    The Commercial version of our CV Builder tool has substantial back-end functionality:

    1: Allows advisors to create CVs for jobseekers, that can be viewed/changed by other advisors in the branch / cluster of branches
    2: Allows jobseekers / students to create a CV, which can be viewed/modified by advisors / teachers (this option is at an additional cost)
    3: Run reports i.e. number of CVs created by branch or advisor
    4: Allows you to setup and delete advisor accounts
    5: Support, backed-up with a Service Level Agreement
    6: Option to allow jobseekers access to our Tool, therefore you can train upto 500 jobseekers in 1 hour, to create a professional quality, customised CV via Zoom / Microsoft Teams. Your Advisors will be able to access and modify these CVs to ensure they are created to a standard that will be appreciated by employers.

    The Commercial version of the Tool is available on a 'pay as you use' basis (with an initial upfront payment for a minimum of 100 CVs) at £500 + vat with free training via Microsoft Teams for a limited time) right up to an 'Annual License' to create up to 1 million CVs per year, at extremely cost-effective rates.

    Contact for further details.

The key advantages and features of using the Ultimate CV Builder for commercial providers, educational establishments and jobcentres are:

  • Substantial increase in revenue and profits through the efficient achievement of government targets by:
    • Achieving a far greater success rate of placing jobseekers into employment
    • A substantially accelerated rate of placing jobseekers into employment
  • Freeing up staff time to concentrate on their work priorities such as engaging with employers
  • More confident and motivated jobseekers
  • More confident and motivated staff, producing CVs of the highest quality
  • Increasing staff loyalty and job satisfaction through regularly exceeding targets
  • More successful and motivated sub-contractors by building sustainable relationships
  • Ensure consistently high quality CVs are created by staff and sub contractors
  • Lowering training and support costs
  • Unique, differentiated range of over 1,500 fully customisable Job Profiles
  • Access to a menu of over 300 Key Skills to effectively target every job vacancy
  • Ability to customise CVs for clients from different industry backgrounds
  • Create a "one-stop" solution for all your CV preparation and jobseeker support needs